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A multidisciplinary group composed of one representative from most countries of the European Union.


The group also includes emeritus and honorary members, as well as corresponding fellows.

Origin of the group

Founded by a collaboration of pioneers in the field. These pioneers created Helicobacter clubs in their own countries and now represent their national clubs to the European study group.
In the countries where there is no national group, a representative known for his valuable activity in the field has been approved by the European Committee. The group was founded in October 1987 in Copenhagen, Denmark and is currently registered in Austria as a non-profit organization.

Nobel Prize 2005

The 2005 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded to Barry Marshall (Honorary Member of the EHMSG) and J. Robin Warren

Past Workshops




Current activities

  • European Registry on the management of H. pylori infection - more information

  • Publication of the Proceedings of the workshops 1988 (Elsevier), 1989, 1990, 1991, (Springer), and 1992 (Normed).
    From 1994 till 2001, annual publication of a special issue of Current Opinion in Gastroenterology entitled
    "The Year in Helicobacter pylori“ now "Year in Helicobacter" 2002-2019

  • Organization of symposia during the European Congresses of Clinical Microbiology (Nice 1989, Oslo 1991, Seville 1993,
    Vienna 1995, Lausanne 1997, Berlin 1999, Stockholm 2000, Istanbul 2001, Milan 2002, Glasgow 2003, Prague 2004,
    Copenhagen 2005) and the United European Gastroenterology Weeks (Athens 1992, Barcelona 1993, Oslo 1994, Berlin 1995, Paris 1996, Birmingham 1997, Rome 1999, Brussels 2000, Amsterdam 2001, Geneva 2002, Madrid 2003, Prague 2004).



Past activities

  • Organization of a workshop in Prague for scientists from eastern European countries in 1992 and in collaboration with the Russian Society of Gastroenterology in 1998 and 2001.

  • Organization of multicenter studies to evaluate serological kits and to standardize antibiotic susceptibility testing in collaboration with other scientists.

  • Participation in a Biomed project (Eurohepygast) including members of the group plus other European scientists interested in the field.

  • Organization of a working group to publish Guidelines for Clinical Trials for eradication of H. pylori.

Technical Courses


Pediatric Task Force

  • Paediatric Task Force Report 2003

Consensus conferences (Maastricht 1 - 5)

  • The guidelines were revised at the Maastricht 2 (2000), the Maastricht 3 (2005), the Maastricht 4 (2010) and the Maastricht 5 (2015) consensus conferences.


  • Current President: Prof. Mirjana Rajilić-Stojanović, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Secretary: Prof. Francis Mégraud, France.

  • Treasurer: Prof. Jose C. Machado, Porto, Portugal.

  • Auditors: Prof. Dr. Ceu Figueiredo, Porto, Portugal & Prof. Dr. Francesco Franceschi, Rome, Italy

  • Business meetings are held two times a year.


Bordeaux (1988)

Ulm (1989)

Toledo (1990)

Bologna (1991)

Dublin (1992)

Brussels (1993)

Houston (1994)

Edinburgh (1995)

Copenhagen (1996)

Lisbon (1997)

Budapest (1998)

Helsinki (1999)

Rome (2000)

Strasbourg (2001)

Athens (2002)

Stockholm (2003)

Vienna (2004)

Copenhagen (2005)

Nicosia (2015)

Magdeburg (2016)

Bordeaux (2017)

Kaunas (2018)

Innsbruck (2019)

Virtual Event (2020)

Virtual Event (2021)

Glasgow (2022)

Antwerp (2023)

Wroclaw (2006)

Istanbul (2007)

Riga (2008)

Porto (2009)

Rotterdam (2010) 

Dublin (2011) 

Ljubljana (2012)

Madrid (2013)

Rome (2014)

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