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Name (year of birth):

Ari Petri Ristimäki (1962)


Education and the most important positions:

  • Matriculation:  1980 Petaluma High School, CA, USA (exchange student)

  • Matriculation:   1982 Martinlaakso High School, Vantaa, Finland

  • MD: 1990 University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

  • PhD: 1991 University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

  • Licensed physician: 1992 Board of Health, Finland

  • Postdoctoral Fellow: 1992-5 Dept. Molecular Biology, Holland Laboratory,

  • American Red Cross, MD, USA (Fogarty Fellowship)

  • Independent Scientist: 1995-8 Academy of Finland

  • Senior Scientist: 1999-2000 Cancer Institute of Finland

  • Specialization: 2000-5 Surgical pathology resident, University of Helsinki
    30.12. 2005 Specialist in surgical pathology, University of Helsinki
    Senior Surgical Pathologist and research group leader (HUSLAB and Helsinki University) 1.1. 2006-



  • Cell Biology, University of Helsinki, 1997

Current positions:

  • Senior Surgical Pathologist (50%), Central Laboratory, HUSLAB, Helsinki, Finland.

  • Academy of Finland researcher (50%; Promotion of clinical research careers).

  • Group Leader: Genome-Scale Biology Research Program, Biomedicum Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland.

  • Senior lecturer position: Dept. Pathology, Haartman Institute, University of Helsinki.


Scientific activity

Translational research combines molecular medicine and clinical research in order to discover novel means to diagnose diseases and to treat patients. Our goal is to study the connection of inflammation and carcinogenesis and whether anti-inflammatory agents can suppress tumor growth. Another research goal is to investigate whether posttranscriptional regulation of mRNA turnover plays a role in cancinogenesis.

AR's scientific activity includes 86 original articles, of which 14 have been referred to more than 100 times (highest 550) and 21 of them have been published in journals which impact factor is over 7. He has supervised five doctoral dissertations, held 26 seminars in international meetings and published 20 reviews or book chapters and one US patent.


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